Jul 14, 2017

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The Value of Geriatric Home Assessment

Are you planning to put your aged parents or relatives in a geriatric care facility? If so, then don’t make hasty decisions. Instead, consider assessing the nursing or geriatric homes first in and around your area, keeping in mind that you’ll be putting not just anybody in it but your loved one/s. The process of assessing a nursing or geriatric home is commonly referred to as “geriatric home assessment”.

Why is geriatric home assessment sought by people with an elderly family member to care? Geriatric care, as you probably know, is a kind of service rendered by professionals for people who struggle to find and give what is best for a loved one who has a few months or years to live. Having a clear picture of the situation can help the family in reaching a decision on what kind of geriatric care is to be given.

More importantly, geriatric home assessment makes it easier for the family to decide whether to push through with having their loved ones admitted to a facility or not. Even if you’re considering the best care for your aged parents, for instance, the cost of putting them in a geriatric facility could take a toll on your finances. You might realize later on that it would be better to get them a medical device that alerts proper authorities in cases of emergency since there areĀ medical alert systems for seniors no monthly fee. Whatever you save could be used to pay a caregiver instead.

A comprehensive geriatric assessment is a multidimensional, interdisciplinary evaluation of the medical, mental, and physical capabilities of an old person with frail health in order to come up with an appropriate geriatric home care plan. While it includes medical diagnostic, the emphasis is more on providing quality care rather than cure. Geriatric assessment is considered essential in order to ensure that the right medical treatment and health care is given to the elderly patient.

Outcomes to be expected from Geriatric Home Assessment

Through this assessment, the family of the elderly, as well as the one who will administer care, would:

  1. Have an overview of the situation and a comprehensive understanding of status, needs, available options, and possible results of and for the patient
  2. Be able to understand their responsibilities, as well as ways to accomplish these
  3. Have different options that can be explored with an end-view of providing care to the elderly

The third outcome could be two-fold. It could convince the family to go ahead with the plan of putting the elderly in a geriatric home or it could make you think twice and opt for something else. This could be hiring a stay in caregiver or making the elderly stay in your home while making sure they have an urgent medical device that would come in handy in case of emergency.

In the end, the decision would have to come from you and the rest of the family, but only after you’ve talked to the elderly and asked for their say on the matter.